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Learn to paint and design cakes for any occasion!


Welcome to Drawn to Cakes
Denise Ray, Drawn to Cakes


Let me introduce myself. My name is Denise Ray. I’m a very happy wife and stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl.

I’m also a self taught artist specializing in portrait drawings and paintings.

Denise Ray Artworks

I’ve been an artist far longer than a cake decorator. I’m fortunate to have some ‘natural’ skills for drawing and painting, but I’m a true believer that everyone is an artist in their own way. All it takes is to have the passion for learning, the willingness to try, and above all else, patience to give yourself space to grow.

My love of art + cake 

Art is my passion. I love traditional art (drawing on paper, painting on canvas). However, when I saw AMAZING cake artists online and on tv, it blew me away! Incredible sculpted cakes that look so realistic! I’d think to myself: ‘THAT’S a Cake?!’ Well, that’s when I decided I’d try cake decorating for myself.

Admittedly, I started off not knowing much about baking or cake decorating. But I can bake delicious cakes, and learning about cake design is fascinating to me. After a year of baking for friends and family, I planned to open a bakery. I really thought I found my calling in life. It didn’t take me long to find out that the business of baking is not for me. What I did realize is that I love the art of cake design more than baking and selling cakes.

Drawn to Cakes 

Yup, this is exactly what I am. Literally – I am always drawn to cakes! After I decided to not pursue a cake business I felt crushed. I didn’t know what to do, so I walked away completely – I packed away decorating supplies, unfollowed cake social media, just turned my back. But I kept finding myself being drawn back into the cake world. It just wouldn’t leave ME alone! Then it came to me – I thought why not combine my love of art and cakes together and start a blog where I can help others with their designs! I found this prospect so exciting that I’ve decided to give it a go.

Eeek! The world of blogging and digital marketing! Ok, now I’m diving into a whole new abyss of online craziness! This is new to me but so far it has been so fun and interesting to figure out. Bare with me as I work through the kinks!

In the end, I really only have one goal – that is to help and support others.

I hope my site brings knowledge and ideas to inspire your cake designs, elevate your passion for decorating, and help boost your cake business.

Artist or not, I welcome you to explore this site and join in on the fun of artistic cake decorating. Let’s get creative!