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Canada 150 Cake and Sugar Art Collaboration

Canada 150
Canada 150 Cake and Sugar Art Collaboration

ūüá®ūüᶠCanada turns 150! ūüá®ūüá¶

Happy Canada Day! As Canadians we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1, 2017. Our country celebrates our strength, diversity, and our beauty. Why not showcase our love of Canada with Canada 150¬†cake designs!

I am a proud Canadian. My home has always been in Alberta, where the spectacular Rocky Mountains are my back yard. I am a mere hour away from beautiful Banff.

Canada 150
Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

Two hours from the world renowned Drumheller Royal Tyrrell Museum. And 3 hours from Canada’s largest shopping mall, West Edmonton Mall.




Canada 150 Cake and Sugar Art Collaboration

Canada 150
Click me to see the whole collaboration!

I first heard about this Collaboration on Cakesdecor. I knew I had to be a part of it. We had about a month to come up with our designs. I spent a good 3 weeks thinking about it and researching ideas. Canada is so diverse – I was stuck on what to do!!

I finally decided on a wildlife theme as I’ve been seeing many animals during our camping trips in the Rocky Mountains. The bears are prominent, and very active, in the spring and summer seasons. So we must always take caution when trekking in the forests. We also have moose who love to venture out. In fact, they come through our property from time to time! The are both iconic animals to the Rocky Mountains, to Alberta, and Canada.


My Canadian Contribution

For my Canada 150 cake design, I hand painted the Canada 150 logo, bear, moose, and HOME wording all with Americolor gel colors. A little bit of vodka was used for areas that needed blending or a watercolour effect.


Canada 150
Moose Hand Painted – Canada 150
Canada 150
Hand painted Bear – Canada 150
Canada 150
Canada 150 logo – Hand Painted

The bear is the only subject that’s painted free-hand. (No tracing of the subject on the cake first) The other subjects are traced onto the fondant using regular paper and pencil.¬†If you’re super confident in your painting skills, painting free-hand is a great way to achieve an original design. But, if you really want to ensure your subject is proportional, I recommend tracing methods.

Tracing Methods:

1. Print out your subject on regular letter size paper. Place the paper with photo side on a window. You should be able to see the photo through the paper. Trace the picture with a pencil on the white back side of the paper. Place the pencil side on your cake and carefully trace over the same lines on the photo. The pencil should transfer to your fondant. Note: your fondant should remain smooth.

2.¬†Print out your subject on regular letter size paper. Place the paper with photo side up on your fondant. Using a blunt tool, such as a sculpting tool, gently press down as you trace over the photo. The image should deboss into the fondant. Note: fresh fondant is best for this. Fondant that is set (even for just a day) tends to be too hard and won’t deboss without cracks.

Visit the Canada 150 Cake and Sugar Art Collaboration FB page for more Canada 150 cake designs. I feel honoured to be among these talented artists celebrating Canada 150!

Happy birthday Canada!


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