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Learn to paint and design cakes for any occasion!


Explore Your Artistic Talents with Cake Decorating

Artistic Cake Decorating

 Artistic Cake Decorating – Painting on Cakes

Artistic Cake Decorating
Butterfly Hand Painted Cake, Deawn To

Drawn to Cakes is a new blog focused on artistic cake design – more specifically painting cakes.

Your cake is your canvas! Grab a paint brush (food safe one of course!) and some edible colours and let your senses guide you! Find a picture you love, maybe scenery or an animal, and try painting it on cake.

No experience required for cake painting

Honestly, don’t feel you need to have a background in the arts to try painting cakes. Art is so subjective anyways that even the best painters will have critics. Give it a try!

Paint a Cake
Holding a Flower, my child’s art

I think of my daughter, who’s is now 4 years old. If you have children you probably understand when I say how much I love their sense of freedom when it comes to art. My daughter will draw whatever comes to her mind and doesn’t worry whether it’s perfect, or what people will think of it. In turn, she loves everything I do because it’s all so new to her.

I want you to feel that same freedom and create Cakes in your own style – whatever that may be.

So much information to come!

As this blog is being created, you will find everything from tutorials for how to draw / paint on cakes (with various surfaces) to which brushes are best to use. And how to apply art fundamentals to cakes, plus design ideas. As well as product reviews, trouble shooting when things go wrong, and so much more!

Unleash your inner artist!  Let your imagine go and give cake painting a try!

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